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Literature Review Assignment


The purpose of this assignment is to help you prepare for writing your


You are being asked to develop an “annotated bibliography” for your final essay (research design proposal), which you will upload to Moodle.

Your Task

  1. With reference to your planned research proposal topic and the material covered thus far in the course (especially the material from LT Weeks 2 and 3), identify approximately five key texts that you will cite in your final essay. These can be references to topics, research questions, theories, or methods. They can be from the course reading list, but should include at least three readings from elsewhere.

  2. In one document, list each reading (with a complete citation) and write one paragraph that summarises the key elements of the text (it’s topic, research question, theory, hypotheses, methods, form of analsyis, conclusions, etc.).

  3. For each text, write 2-3 sentences that describe what is useful about this particular text for your final research proposal and how it will contribute to your research project.

Submission Instructions

Your assignment can be in any length or format, but should be uploaded to Moodle no later than the end of LT Week 7 (the week after reading week).


There is no direct feedback on this assignment. The instructor will review your bibliography and provide feedback as needed. Consider it an opportunity to keep yourself on track for completing the final essay on time.

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