This is What a Predatory Journal Looks Like

12 Aug 2014

A big problem I have with conversations about open access publishing is how quick some scholars are to conflate “open access,” which is an unequivocal scientific and public good with predatory publishers that advertise open access publishing in a “pay-to-publish” model. Predatory publishing is the antithesis of open access: it seems to target scholars working outside the academic West and brings a bad name to open science initiatives that actively try to bring high-quality scientific research to precisely these countries without keeping it behind the ubiquitous paywalls that can only be passed by scholars working at wealthy universities in wealthy countries.

It is therefore really annoying when I receive emails like the one I copy below (verbatim with original formatting). Presumably this email was sent to scientists throughout the world. To those in the West, this is just another example of how bad open access could be; to some scientists elsewhere, it might seem a credible opportunity to finally get something published even if it costs a bit of money. I hope no one accepts these kinds of invitations but from the looks of it, many people have already fallen victim. The effort to open up science is hard enough without these forms of predation.

The email, for your viewing pleasure

Dear Sir/Madam,


SAS Publishers
(An International Publisher for Academic and ScientificResources)

Arts,Humanities and SocialSciences:
Scholars Journal of Arts, Humanities andSocial Sciences (SJAHSS) ISSN 2347-5374(Online) & ISSN 2347-9493 (Print). Bi-Monthly.
Current Issue:Volume-2: Issue-4: (July-Aug, 2014):
Call for Paper

Our PublicationPolicies:(Adopted for easy and fast publication benefits for authors)
Fast Review Process: Reviewprocess completes maximum within 7 days.
Gallery Proof Policy: Ifaccepted, after Payment of processing fees Gallery Proof will be sentwithin 7 days.
Fast PDF access policy: Afterconfirmation of gallery proof, journal allows immediate open access in Onlineto content in PDF
Printing Policies: PrintedCopies will dispatch after completion of current issues.
Google Scholar Citation: Allarticles included in Google scholar Citation immediately after publishedonline.
Publication fees: VeryMinimal fees

Research Article/Review Articles : Rs. 1000 (In India) or USD $ 50 (Foreign)
Case Reports/ShortCommunications : Rs. 500 (InIndia) or USD$ 25 (Foreign)


Optional (If required): Each Printed issue Rs.450 (India)/ US dollar 25 (Foreign) Including Postal Charge.

Subject: Inviting Manuscript forPublication in our journals

Our Journals:

Arts, Humanities and SocialSciences:
Scholars Journal of Arts, Humanities andSocial Sciences (SJAHSS) ISSN 2347-5374(Online) & ISSN 2347-9493 (Print) . Bi-Monthly.
Current Issue:Volume-2: Issue-4: (July-Aug, 2014):
Callfor Paper

Economics, Business and Management:
Scholars Journal of Economics,Business and Management (SJEBM), ISSN 2348- 5302(Online) &ISSN 2348-8875 (Print) Monthly
Current Issue:Volume-1: Issue-7: (Aug, 2014): Call for Paper

Agriculture and VeterinarySciences:
Scholars Journal of Agriculture andVeterinary Sciences (SJAVS). ISSN 2348-1854 (Online) &ISSN 2348-8883 (Print) Quarterly
Current Issue: Volume-1: Issue-4: (Aug-Oct, 2014):
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Engineering and Technology:
Scholars Journal of Engineering andTechnology (SJET) ISSN 2321-435X(Online) & ISSN 2347-9523 (Print). Bi-Monthly.
Current Issue:Volume-2: Issue-5: (Aug-Sep, 2014): Callfor Paper

Pharmaceutical Sciences:
Scholars Academic Journal of Pharmacy (SAJP) ISSN: 2320-4206 (Online) & ISSN 2347-9531 (Print). Bi-Monthly.
Current Issue:Volume-3: Issue-5: (Aug-Sep, 2014): Callfor Paper

Medical Sciences:
Scholars Journal of Medical Case Reports (SJMCR) ISSN 2347-6559 (Online) & ISSN 2347-9507 (Print), Monthly.
Current Issue:Volume-2: Issue-8: (Aug, 2014): Callfor Paper

Scholars Journal of Applied Medical Sciences (SJAMS) ISSN 2320-6691(Online) & ISSN 2347-954X (Print), Bi-Monthly.
Current Issue:Volume-2: Issue-4: (July-Aug, 2014): Callfor Paper

Biological Sciences:
Scholars Academic Journal of Biosciences (SAJB) ISSN 2321-6883 (Online) & ISSN 2347-9515 (Print). Monthly.
Current Issue:Volume-2: Issue-8: (Aug, 2014): Callfor Paper

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