Thomas J. Leeper

R Packages

Here are a few of the R packages I've developed on my own, and as part of the rOpenSci, rOpenGov, and cloudyr open source projects.

cloudyr The cloudyr project is an effort to connect R to cloud computing applications, starting with Amazon Web Services. I've written API clients for many of the AWS applications. See the cloudyr website or GitHub page for more details.

colourlovers: R client for the COLOURlovers API
colourlovers is an R package providing access to the COLOURlovers API. COLOURlovers is a social networking site for sharing colors, color palettes, and color-rich visual designs.

dvn: Access to The Dataverse Network APIs
dvn is an R package providing access to The Dataverse Network APIs. It is now part of the rOpenSci project.

imguR: Imgur API Client Package for R
imguR is an R package, initated by Aaron Statham, that binds the imguR API to R, thus enabling the uploading and management of images on imguR. It might be particularly useful for web-based R projects and knitr documents written in R markdown.

margins: An R port of Stata's margins command
margins is an R port of Stata's margins command, which can be used to calculate marginal effects and their variances from regression models. It is especially helpful for models with power terms, non-linear transformations, and interaction terms, and for generalized linear models.

meme: Meme Generation in R
meme is an R package that helps users generate internet memes from template images. It's just for fun.

MTurkR: R Client for the MTurk Requester API
MTurkR is a client library providing access to the Amazon Mechanical Turk crowdsourcing platform through R.
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rio: A Swiss-army knife for data I/O
The aim of rio is to make data file I/O in R as easy as possible by implementing data import and export for R that relies on file extensions to make a (reasonable) assumption about how to read a file into a data.frame or, conversely, save a data.frame to disk. It greatly simplifies data import and export and offers a function for easily converting between file formats (possibly from the command line).

rite: The Right Editor to Write R
A simple, powerful, multi-platform script editor for R, built with tcl/tk, rite provides features typically found in standalone editors and IDEs (e.g., syntax highlighting, command completion, shortcut keys, find and go-to-line commands, one-click access to documentation, etc.) and a helpful color-coded output "sink". It also creates an easy workflow for reproducible research through integration with the knitr package.

Rmonkey: A Survey Monkey R Client
Rmonkey is a simple package for retrieving survey data from Survey Monkey and creating new surveys and survey collectors from within R.

slopegraph: Edward Tufte-inspired Slopegraphs in R
A simple, one-function R package to produce Edward Tufte-inspired slopegraph plots.

sparktex: Generate LaTeX sparklines in R
sparktex is an R companion to the LaTeX sparklines package (by Andreas Loeffler and Dan Luecking), which produces Edward Tufte-inspired sparklines and sparkspikes (in-text histograms) natively in LaTeX.

UNF: Tools for creating universal numeric fingerprints for data
UNF is an R package for generating variable- and dataset-level universal numeric fingerprint signatures to uniquely identify data. UNF signatures provide a way to uniquely and persistently identify (a version of) a dataset. The UNF algorithm was created by Micah Altman and was updated to version 5 of the UNF algorithm in the current package, which I maintain. The UNF package also provides UNF-based functions to identify discrepancies between dataframes and works well with the dvn package, listed above, for comparing Dataverse-stored datasets against local copies.

You can find all of my software development projects on GitHub.

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