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You can find all of my software development projects on GitHub.

colourlovers: R client for the COLOURlovers API
colourlovers is an R package providing access to the COLOURlovers API. COLOURlovers is a social networking site for sharing colors, color palettes, and color-rich visual designs. The social networking features of the site mean that COLOURlovers provides not only rich, original color palettes to use in R graphics but also provides ratings and community evaluations of those palettes, helpings R graphics designers to utilize visually pleasing color combinations.

dvn: Access to The Dataverse Network APIs
dvn is an R package providing access to The Dataverse Network APIs. The package allows you to search for dataverse records via metadata fields or by handles (a dataverse objectid), as well as download codebooks and other files in a variety of formats. From version 0.3, dvn also supports the Data Deposit API, allowing users to create, modify, and release dataverse studies directly from R. It is now part of the rOpenSci project.

mpg: Fuel economy data from FuelEconomy.gov
This lightweight package extracts fuel economy data from FuelEconomy.gov. It is released as part of the rOpenGov project.

MTurkR: An R Package for Amazon Mechanical Turk
MTurkR is a client library providing robust, flexible access to the Amazon Mechanical Turk platform through R. It requires little to no programming experience (and includes a lightweight, menu-based interface for beginners), but provides access for advanced users to full functionality of MTurk (including more functionality than Requester UI or MTurk command-line tools).
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pollstR: R client for the Pollster API
pollstR is a lightweight client for accessing the Huffington Post's Pollster API. The package allows users to download poll toplines and aggregated survey results by topic and state. The package builds on some functionality originally crafted by Drew Linzer. It is released as part of the rOpenGov project.

rite: The Right Editor to Write R
A simple, powerful, multi-platform script editor for R, built with tcl/tk, rite provides features typically found in standalone editors and IDEs (e.g., syntax highlighting, command completion, shortcut keys, find and go-to-line commands, one-click access to documentation, etc.) and a helpful color-coded output "sink". rite thus provides users with a powerful alternative to both the command line and native R editor, and helps ease new R users' transition to R (a major rite of passage). It also creates an easy workflow for reproducible research through integration with the knitr package.

RPublica: ProPublica API Client
A slim client library for the (currently) three ProPublica data journalism APIs: Nonprofit Explorer, Forensics, and Free the Files.

slopegraph: Edward Tufte-inspired Slopegraphs in R
A simple, one-function R package to produce Edward Tufte-inspired slopegraph plots.

sparktex: Generate LaTeX sparklines in R
sparktex is an R companion to the LaTeX sparklines package (by Andreas Loeffler and Dan Luecking), which produces Edward Tufte-inspired sparklines and sparkspikes (in-text histograms) natively in LaTeX. The sparktex package translates R vectors into sparklines syntax and provides an array of control over the size, color, and shape of the resulting in-text plots.

UNF: Tools for creating universal numeric fingerprints for data
UNF is an R package for generating variable- and dataset-level universal numeric fingerprint signatures to uniquely identify data. UNF signatures provide a way to uniquely and persistently identify (a version of) a dataset. The UNF algorithm was created by Micah Altman and was updated to version 5 of the UNF algorithm in the current package, which I maintain. The UNF package also provides UNF-based functions to identify discrepancies between dataframes and works well with the dvn package, listed above, for comparing Dataverse-stored datasets against local copies.

usbroadband: Data for the U.S. National Broadband Map
usbroadband is an R client library for the various APIs underlying the United States National Broadband Map, an open government initiative of the National Telecommunications & Information Administration (U.S. Department of Commerce) and Federal Communications Commission. The package can retrieve broadband avaialility, speed, and provider data, as well as demographics and U.S. Census geography information, at various levels of geographic aggregation.

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